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Services from   Hardscapes  by  Design

include   the   design   and   installation   of...

* Hardscapes by Design also provides outdoor water feature maintenance, cleaning, and repairs.

Every hardscape project is unique. At Hardscapes by Design, we pride ourselves on designing and building project that are creative solutions for the individual needs of each customer.




In 2003, John Nemeth began working in Hardscape Construction. While developing and excelling in the core skills required for hardscapes, John watched from afar as the companies he worked for could not manage to provide the same excellence in customer service that they did in the hardscapes they created. The statement “we will never hire that company again” became an all-to-frequent conclusion to what could have been an all-around exceptional experience for the client.  There was always a gap between services expected and services delivered. And a good product result rarely came with exceptional customer service. 

In 2008, John set out to fix this problem, and Hardscapes By Design was born. The mission was simple: provide superior quality and service from start to finish for every client in every aspect of the hardscape creation. John and his team have spent the last 15 years living up to that mission, delivering excellence in every area of the work and the client experience.

We leverage strategic relationships for optimal outcomes. Our designer delivers accurate, professional quality design plans and plant lists. Our project foreman provides critical project management decisions onsite to keep our projects running safely, efficiently, and in accordance with our high standards.

EXCELLENCE.    The    First    Time.    Every    Time.

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