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"Aggregate to Paver Patio Transformation"

For David & Marlene J. - Bellevue, WA

PROJECT SCOPE: The goal of this project was to upgrade the existing aggregate patio. The concrete step at the back door had sunk almost 3" and the patchwork mix of old red brick and aggregate made no design sense at all. The customer also wanted to make the backyard feel bigger. We were able to solve all of the issues with a clean classic paver design that utilized pavers in a running bond pattern. The larger style pavers and long lines gave the perception of a larger patio within the original space. New foundation vent wells were installed to replace the rotting wood vent wells. Portions on the underground drainage were also repaired and repalced where necessary.

CHALLENGES: The new pavers had an excessive amount of efflorescence on them. Efflorescence is a white, powdery deposit that often appears on concrete surfaces. It occurs when water moves through the concrete, dissolving salts within the material. When the water reaches the surface and evaporates, it leaves these salts behind. While efflorescence is harmless and mainly a cosmetic issue, a muriatic acid wash will remove it in most circumstances.

The white efflorescence is visible on the pavers in the photos below, as well as the final result after the acid wash. This project required several applications of acid, and a higher than normal concentration to remove the efflorescence from the pavers.

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