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From Flagstone to Facing to Firepit…to Whatever is Synonymous with Irrigation and Starts with an “F”

For Brandon & Katie F. – Issaquah, WA PROJECT: This property featured a sizeable backyard that had all kinds of potential and was truly an open canvas for design. As part of a larger team, we designed and built a multi-level water feature with basalt columns. We then applied natural stone masonry to the prefabricated outdoor kitchen and firepit to match the aesthetic of the base of the water feature. In addition, we constructed a flagstone patio, installed a 7-zone irrigation system, and did prep work for the concrete.

OBSTACLES: Upon receipt of the stone materials, we found that the size tolerance, i.e. the consistency of the size of each piece of stone, was significantly off from piece to piece. As we laid each piece of stone, even though there was extra time involved, we were able to work each piece to create the desired facing effect and create the extremely tight and clean lines that the job required.

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